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The Student Nurses Association, popularly known as SNA, is a nation-wide organization of nursing students. It was established in 1929 at the time of annual conference of the TNAI in Madras. Ms. L.N. Jean, the Nursing Superintendent of General Hospital, Madras was instrumental in forming this association. Local SNA unit was established at the Deepthi College of Nursing in the year 2014.

Promoting professional and social unity among the nursing students of this college, providing a closer bond and a more unified spirit among all nursing students through group activities and stimulating an interest and understanding in the program of the professional various nursing organizations.

Activities of SNA
The SNA strives hard for the upliftment of the students through curricular, co-curricular extracurricular activities.

Executive Board Meeting
The board members meet together & plan the activities for the whole year under the guidance of SNA President Prof.Mrs M.Mahalakshmi M.Sc Nursing & SNA Advisor Prof. Mrs.R.Ruckmani. The executive committee meet regularly to plan & discuss about various activities.

General Body Meeting
The general body meeting is conducted once in six months, where the students expressed their views and ideas. The issues raised by the students were discussed and addressed under the guidance of executive chair person from various committees

List of committees
   Food Committee
   Health & sanitation committee
   Discipline committee
   Sports committee.
   Recreation committee
   Editorial committee
   Anti ragging committee

Significant Days
1 SEP 2019
Inaugural Ceremony
9 Batch (2019 – 2020) Inaugural Ceremony