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Dharshini Educational and Charitable Trust was termed under the chairmanship of Dr.A.Parthiban in the year 2007 to provide quality health care and excellent nursing education.

Deepthi Multi-Specialty Hospital was started in the year 1997 by two eminent personalities,

Dr.A.Parthiban MS Mch Neurosurgeon
Dr.UmaParthiban MD DGO,Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecology to deliver Quality health care at affortable cost to the people of Namakkal.

A 100 bedded multispeciality hospital having sophisticated most modern medical equipments for diagnostic and treatment facilities. The hospital has speciality and super speciality departments like medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, nephrology, reconstructive surgery, pediatrics and neonatology. There are modern theatres with all facilities including central oxygen, recovery rooms, etc.,

The hospital also has its own pharmacy that serves round the clock and is always well stocked.


Neuro surgical care

Our treatment of the entire range of neurological surgical problems for adult and pediatric patients is comprehensive, careful and compassionate.

We have an expansive physician group made up of multidisciplinary collaborators committed to achieving the best outcomes.

Our specialists are leaders in their field when it comes to treatment and discovery of new approaches for a wide variety of neurological problems, including: Parkinson's Disease, brain tumors, brachial plexus palsy, pituitary disorders, and scoliosis, among many others.We're known for having some of the best technology and experts.

Department of Neurosurgery

Established in 1994, the department performs more than 500 Major surgeries every year including Microneurosurgeries. Equipped with an excellent dedicated Operation Theatre, Hoslab with sugita fixator with Brain Retractors, Carl-zeiss OPMI VARIO S-8 microscope, intra-operative ‘C’ arm ,Neuroendoscopy and Spine endoscopy. The Department is supported by Surgical Intensive Care Unit equipped with the state of the art Ventilators and Monitors manned by well trained and experienced Anesthetists, Para-Medical Staff and Physiotherapists.

HI-Tech Low Cost Neurosurgery Under One Roof

The following Microneurosurgical Operations are being carried out. These surgeries have been performed with excellent results on par with major international neurosurgical centers.

Brain Tumor
Microneurosurgical Total Excision of the Brain Tumors like Meningiomas, Gliomas, Skull base tumors, Pituitary Tumors& Posterior fossa Tumors are being operated with excellent results.

Backache & Neck Pain
Come Today, Go Tomorrow - Minimally Invasive, Maximally Effective Neurosurgery is our motto. For disc prolapse at lumbar, thoracic & cervical, microdiscectomy& fusion are being performed. Spinal Cord Tumors and Congenital Spinal Cord Lesions are microsurgically excised with excellent functional outcome.

Brain Haemorrhage
Bleeding into the brain due to Aneurysm is being successfully treated by Clipping of the Aneurysm. Evacuation of Intracerebral Haemorrhages is being done routinely.

Brain & Spine Injury
Critically ill neurotrauma patients are attended to immediately, round the clock. 24 hours emergency trauma services are provided including ambulance facilities. As a step ahead, we provide rehabilitation including psychological counseling.
All spinal injuries are managed. Microscopic decompression is being done. State-of-the-art spinal fixators are being routinely used.

Other Ailments
Other ailments including brain abscess, tuberculosis, orbital abscesses, optic nerve tumors are comprehensively treated.

A new modality in the form of neuroendoscopy, for treating hydrocephalus / cysts has been started.

Surgery For Stroke
Expertise for carotid endarterectomy and cranial decompression for stroke is available.

The Department of Surgery has 12 fully qualified members of faculty working in 4 units. The surgeons are rich in experience and knowledge and there is a constant endeavor to update them.

OpdAnd Wards
The out-patient department is run on all 7 days of the week. There are separate male and female general wards, in addition to private wards and deluxe rooms. There are separate areas earmarked to care the acutely ill, burns cases and infected case.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Offers a wide spectrum of services. It is a referral centre for high risks obstetric cases.

Antenatal clinic on all days of the week.
Facilities for high risk pregnancies like heart disease and jaundice in pregnancy
A well equipped labour ward with specialists on duty 24 hours a day.
Facilities for continuous monitoring of both mother and baby.
A well equipped new born intensive care unit to manage all problems like preterm babies and birth asphyxia.
Special Clinics for problems like bad obstetric history, repeated abortions, genetic problems etc.
A modern blood bank with facilities for components is open 24 hours a day.
All investigation facilities under one roof.


Special Features
Infertility clinic for diagnosing and treatment of couples who are unable to conceive.
Diagnostic facilities like hysteroscopy (vasascope) to visualize the uterine cavity for infertility, excessive bleeding and amenorrhea.
Facilities for all major gynaecological surgery like cancer of the uterus or ovary and other tumours of the uterus.
Modern operation theatres with a well equipped surgical ICU.
Various treatment modalities are offered for patients with excessive bleeding like
Medical treatment
Endometrial ablation
Thermo choice is a new device that offers patients the advantage of treating excessive bleeding as an outpatient procedure with minimal anaesthesia. The patients can return to normal work in 2 days.
Facilities for laparoscopic surgery for conditions like ovarian tumour or ectopic pregnancy. This has the advantage of having a small scar, less post operative discomfort and a shorter stay in the hospital.
Cancer screening clinic for early detection of cancer cervix. Facilities for treatment of precancerous lesions of the cervix like cryotherapy and LEEP.
Facilities for diagnosis and treatment of problems after menopause.
Family planning clinic on all days a week with facilities for counseling regarding temporary and permanent methods of contraception.
To meet the special needs of pregnant women and certain gynaec problems, these clinics are supported by a dietary clinic, yoga for prenatal women and for weight reduction and physiotherapy facilities.

A subspecialty that focuses on Urologic problems in women mainly due to childbirth or gynaec surgeries.


Specialty hospital focus on the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Orthopaedic issues range from acute problems such as fractures or hospitalization for joint replacement to chronic systemic disorders such as loss of bone density or lupus erythematosus.
Orthopaedic nurses have specialized skills such as neurovascular status monitoring, traction, continuous passive motion therapy, casting, and care of patients with external fixation.

Neonatal care

Intensive-care nurses endure intensive didactic and clinical orientation, in addition to their general nursing knowledge, to provide highly specialized care for critical patients. Their competencies include the administration of high-risk medications, management of high-acuity patients requiring ventilator support, surgical care, resuscitation, advanced interventions such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenationor hypothermia therapy for neonatal encephalopathy procedures, as well as chronic-care management or lower acuity cares associated with premature infants such as feeding intolerance, phototherapy, or administering antibiotics. NICU RNs undergo annual skills tests and are subject to additional training to maintain contemporary practice.

Our Hospital has

24hrs Head Injury unit
Neurosurgical ICU
24hrs CT scan
24hrs Lab service